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Field process calculator
Flange & Pipe Dimensions
Complete Piping Guide

The application is engeneered for Chemical Engineers & Students........know more

Offline available Hands-on dimensional referance for piping & fittings......know more

Piping guide based on ASME dimensional data and other piping useful data....know more

Cooling Tower Process Calc
Electric motor tools

This calculator has been used to calculate simpler and some basic calculations like Ampere, power etc..........know more

Do cooling tower calculation in easy way........know more

Safety Calc for Workplace

Find out how much your workplace is safe........know more

Field process calculator

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Now do your favriote chemical process calculation on your finger tips




  • Pipe pressure drop calculation which support various pipe fitting, exit entrance losses having large database viscosity and density for common liquids.

  • Partial volume, Full Volume, surface area, empty weight, hydrostatic weight for spherical, hemispherical, ellipsoidal, conical end, frustum tanks.

  • Shaft power calculation for pumps.

  • Flash steam calculation.

  • Flow rate, velocity, pipe size calculation for pipes.

  • Control valve flow coefficient and control valve gain.

  • Shaft power calculation for fan.

  • Orifice sizing

  • Venturi flow rate calculation

  • Cooling tower process calculation

  • OEE (over all equipment effectiveness) Calculator

  •  Affinity law calculator added in pump section

  • Relative Humidity calculator

flange pipe & fitting dimensions

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Tables of Dimensional Standard:

For Flanges:

  • ANSI B16.5

  • BS 10 Tables

  • API (26" and larger size)

  • BS4504

  • BS 3293

  • Flanges (or Blind Flanges) as per DIN

  • IS6329

  • IS1538

  • ASME B 16.47 Series A & B

  • AWWA C-207

  • JIS-B2220

For Pipes:

  • ANSI 36.10 (With weight)

  • IS1239

  • JIS 3452 (CS pipe ordinary)

  • JIS G3454 (CS pipe pressure Service)

  • JIS G3447 (SS Sanitary Pipes)

  • JIS G3448 (Light gauge SS tubes)

  • JIS G3459 (SS piping)

  • JIS C8305 (Thicker Steel conduit)

  • JIS C8305 (Thinner Steel Conduit)

  • JIS H3300 (Copper Tubes)

  • JIS H3300 (Copper Tubes refrigerant)

For Fittings:

  • ANSI Butt weld reducer, tee, elbow, cap, stubs etc.

  • ANSI Screw fitting of 3000# and 6000#

  • ANSI Socket weld Fitting

For Valves:

  • Face to face dimensions for metallic valves as per AMSE B16.10 for gate, plug, globe,ball valves

Common material specification:

  • Material Composition (SS plates and commonly used material)

  • Equivalent material specification for different standards.

  • Allowable tolerances


  • Weights calculation for Plate, wire, rod, bars and gauge pipe for various commonly materials

  • Application has inbuilt data for material specific gravity for common materials, so you no need to google it.

Other features:

  • Weight tables for nut bolts

  • Thread Counting per inch for bolts.

  • Metric dimensional table for washers

  • Torque tables for bolts as per ASTM A193, A320 and many more.

Your own offline hands-on database for various dimensional standards and calculator for pipes, fittings & Flanges so you no need to refer internet or hard copies of standards at your work sites.

Improvment logs:


5) Version 1.9.1

    * Bug Fixes of previous version

    * If you seen Run time Error, Kindly reinstall the app completely

4) Version 1.9.0

    * Added Japanese Pipe and flanges dimensions (JIS G3452, G3454, G3447, G3448, G3459, C8305, H3300, JIS-B2220)

    * Bug fixes for misprints

3) Version 1.8

    * Bug fixed

2) Version 1.7

    * Added new dimension:

        1) Flange dimensions as per ASME B 16.47 Series A & B

        2) Flange dimensions as per AWWA C-207

        3) Flange dimensions as per BS 3293

1) Version 1.6

     * All new look and feel


complete piping guide

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Your own handbook of piping design and dimensions

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Application has the all dimension of piping and fitting as per ANSI standard. some features are mentioned below:

  • Pipe schedule

  • Pipe weight

  • Fitting, flanges and valves

  • Eccentric reducer dimensions

  • Bare pipe spacing

  • Socket weld and screws fitting

  • Design codes

  • Dimensional standard

  • Types of joint and connection

  • Materials

  • Traps and control valve assembly

  • Line Symbols

  • Check list and documents for isometric, pressure measuring instruments

  • Pipe material codes

Improvement Log:

Version: 1.3
-New look and feel
-Crashing of application attended and now it is OK


Version: 1.2
-Page search included in Index screen
-Layout modification done


Cooling tower process calc

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Calculator can help you to find out the various process parameter of cooling towers and design aspect


Following calculator are available:

  • Thermal load

  • Efficiency

  • Approach

  • Range

  • Make-Up water calculation

  • COC

It also has unique design validation and pressure drop calculator for wooden/ FRP type cross flow cooling tower.


<Version: 1.2>
* Design validation, pressure drop calculation, power requirement added for Cross-Flow Cooling towers (You need to put Process data and Construction data to enter to calculate the above)
* Fixes some bugs

<Version: 1.1.1>
Application file size has been reduced by more then half

electric motor tools

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  • Ampere and power calculator

  • NEMA dimension for motors

  • HP rating based NEMA frame sizes

  • Motor mounting pattern and their designations.

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Safety Calc for Workplace

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"For World You Are The One But For One You Are The World"

Be Remember

This application is intended to evaluate the level of safety or hazards at your workplace, industry, office, or workshop etc. along with the cost associated with the mishappning at site. also it will helps to know about the technical term used in the various safety standards

  • Incident rate calculation as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) 

  • severity rate

  • TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate)

  • Calculation for HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk assessment)



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